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Why Your uPVC Door Mechanism Is Sticking 

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A common issue we’re called out for as local locksmiths in Weymouth has to do with stiff or sticking uPVC door lock mechanisms. Professionals like us can usually fix this issue with ease; however, sometimes, uPVC door lock repairs may be required. Below, we explain why your door lock mechanism may be experiencing this problem.

Effects of Weather

When it comes to our uPVC door repairs, a common reason for door mechanism problems is changes in weather. As a material, uPVC can expand or contract if there are sudden changes between hot and cold weather. If your door is correctly aligned, there should be reasonable movement to maintain this tolerance for weather changes. 

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Door Alignment Issues

If you notice an issue with your door’s alignment, this will need to be adjusted to resolve the situation. Correcting the alignment may involve taking apart the locking mechanism from the door and removing any hinges or panels to apply the necessary tolerances for the door to function properly.

Please be warned, you shouldn’t attempt to complete door alignment work yourself as this a highly complex process. Local locksmiths C & S Locksmiths can perform door realignment work alongside our other core services, such as specialist key cutting, CCTV installations (CCTV system setup) and Ultion lock supply.


Other Reasons Your uPVC Door May Be Sticking

Besides the two main reasons for your door lock sticking, there may also be other issues at play. These include:

  • A lack of lubrication for the lock mechanism

  • A mechanism failure

  • Damages or faults with the hinges that can cause rubbing on the doorframe

  • Damages to the key or lock cylinder

  • The door dropping

If you suspect you may be having any of these issues, it’s best to call your local locksmiths to be sure. As mobile locksmiths who are experienced with all kinds of locking mechanisms, such as Ultion locks and keys, C & S Locksmiths can come to your Weymouth property to assess the situation. Where necessary, we can apply any uPVC door repairs or uPVC door lock repairs to help resolve any lock mechanism problems. With multiple decades of industry experience, we’ve fixed our fair share of faulty doors and can provide effective solutions. In addition, if you require Ultion lock supply, CCTV installations or specialist key cutting services, remember our lock and key experts are only a phone call away.

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