Ultion Lock Supply and Specialist Key Cutting in Dorchester
Benefits of Key Cutting

Based in nearby Weymouth, C & S Locksmiths regularly provides Dorchester residents with an array of locksmith and key cutting services. Your local locksmiths are experts in many aspects of their trade, including:

  • CCTV System Setup and Access Control

  • Emergency Locksmith Services (including Locked Out Assistance)

  • Ultion Locks and Keys

  • uPVC Door Lock Repair

  • General Door Repair

If you’re locked out of your home, or you’re interested in our uPVC door repairs, CCTV installations, Ultion lock supply or key cutting, contact us.

As we all know, keeping your keys safe is a must. There’s a reason we check our pockets for them every time we leave the house, and losing them can feel like an absolute nightmare when it happens. With our experience in access and locksmith services like uPVC door lock repairs, Ultion lock supply and CCTV system setup, we know the true value of having a spare pair of keys handy. Below, we would like to share with you some compelling reasons to arrange for specialist key cutting services.

Avoiding Unnecessary Stress and Expense

First and foremost, having a spare set of keys for your Dorchester home can ease your worried mind. If you were to lose your primary set, having a second set available in a safe spot can stop you from being locked out and allow you to keep your home secure. Like with our CCTV installations, uPVC door repairs, Ultion locks and keys and other services, knowing your property is safe and that you can easily access it when you want to gives you ultimate peace of mind. No need to pay for emergency services from your local locksmiths, you’ve got it all under control.

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Keeping Your Original Key in the Best Condition Possible

Your keys can undergo a lot of wear and tear over time, especially if they’re used on a daily basis. If you have a spare set, you could choose to switch keys every so often to minimise this damage. By swapping which set you use, you can improve the durability and longevity of both key sets and reduce the need for new key cutting from your local locksmiths. Just remember where you keep the set of keys if you choose to swap them out.


Multiple Sets for Multiple Users

Having a spare set of keys is always handy when you need multiple people to be able to access your Dorchester home. If a friend or family member is moving in or coming to stay for a while, you don’t want them relying on you to let them into the house all the time. You could simply give them spare keys for as long as necessary or lend them while you come to a professional locksmith like C & S Locksmiths for specialist key cutting. Through our years as a provider of CCTV installations, uPVC door repairs and an Ultion lock supply expert, we find that customers often do this while they’re getting a new key cut.

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